About CBU

The Computational Biology Unit (CBU) was established at the University of Bergen in 2002. The primary aim of the CBU is to conduct competetive bioinformatics research and to expand the interface between bioinformatics and experimental biological and biomedical research. Four research groups are currently associated with CBU with projects that include sequence and structure analysis, molecular evolution, genome annotation and microarray data analysis. CBU also provides services and contributes to bioinformatics education primarily through training courses.

CBU is localised at the Bergen High Technology Centre (HIB) at the University of Bergen. Uni Computing provides a research environment with competence and infrastructure for high performance and parallel computing. CBU is closely associated with the the Bioinformatics group at the Department of Informatics (UiB) and has tight links with the Sars Centre for Marine Molecular biology and the Department of Molecular Biology (UiB). CBU has a Scientific Advisory Committee that oversees the scientific and strategic plans for CBU.

CBU, together with partners in Oslo and Trondheim, hosts the Bioinformatics technology platform of the Norwegian programme for functional genomics (FUGE). CBU is responsible for coordination of the activities in the platform at CBU.


CBU receives funding from the FUGE programme, the new Norwegian programme for functional genomics research.

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