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BOMP is a tool for prediction of beta-barrel integral outer membrane proteins (BOMPs). The user may submit a list of proteins, and receive a list of predicted BOMPs.

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Information about the output format

The proteins predicted to be integral outer membrane proteins are found in a table, with the name of the protein, and a classification. The classification is from 0 to 5 where 0 means that the predictor did not find the protein to be an integral outer membrane protein, but there were integral outer membrane homlogs. Classification from 1 to 5 is for proteins predicted to be integral outer membrane proteins, where 1 is the least reliable prediction, and 5 is the most reliable. If the a protein is marked with a star, it means that the prediction is in conflict with a homolog protein. The category 0 proteins and the star only applies when BLAST is used.

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