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Cross-Hybridization - realtime search
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Cross-hybridization tool

This tool is used by entering one or several nucleotide sequences, or just accession ids. The input sequences will be queried towards a specified database, UniGene unique is in general a good choice. Criteria for the two different similarity types can be changed:
  • Type A: More than X% sequence identity over a given length of sequence.
  • Type B: 100% similarity over shorter sub-sequences. Typical length thresholds for these sub-sequences vary from around 15bp and up.
In the user interface different options may be set:
  • CROSS-HYB SETTINGS. Here settings regarding what may be accepted as a (cross) hybridization is set.
  • BLAST-SETTINGS. Here the detailed settings for the underlying BLAST execution may be set.
  • In addition, one must choose database to use as "transcript pool", output formatting, and what to search for. Normally, use the Combined A and B search.

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